Goodbye Lullaby

“Goodbye Lullaby”
by From Midnight On

I remember holdin’ hands
Slidin’ back ‘n’ forth
Dancin’ to silence
Across the kitchen floor
We were all alone but all we needed
We danced to the beat of our own love
And we dreamed of never letting go

But the melody of you and me
The tune we’d hum
The song we sung
All summer long
Has come and gone
And now there’s no music left at all

When I close my eyes
You’re all that I see
When I’m sleeping
My sweetest dream is always you
Comin’ back to me

I’ve told everyone a lie
That without you I am fine
But what I sold my friends
My heart could never buy
Like the flowers in May
You found a way
To help me find the good in change
But our love was somethin’
I wish had stayed the same

You struck a chord inside my soul
Echoing in me the love you stole
And I’m still searching for your kiss
Oh how I wish you didn’t just exist
In the lyrics of our goodbye lullaby

When you close your eyes
What do you see?
Do you replay our history?
I know it’s the past but I can’t get past
How the sweetest love had the sourest end
But it’s easier for me to forgive than forget

I still see you
In the empty seat of my car
And I feel you
In every beat of my broken heart
I miss you so much more than a lot

When I close my eyes
You’re all that I see
And when I’m sleeping
My sweetest dream hasn’t come true
But who knows
Maybe when the roses start to bloom
Some sunny day in June
On a lonely afternoon
I’ll get one more dance with you

FMO’s new single available on iTunes now!

FMO’s new single now available on iTunes!

“It’s All Your Fault” by From Midnight On:

Gabe Moorman, esq. – Vocals
Damian M. Moorman – Guitar, Drums
Eliot Sloan – Background Vocals, Piano


Eliot Sloan and Damian Moorman after a recording session for From Midnight On’s fourth album, “My Exile.” Click the picture to listen to FMO’s new single!

Genre: Popular Rock
Location: Dayton, OH

“It’s All Your Fault” by From Midnight On with Eliot Sloan (lead singer of Blessid Union of Souls) on piano and background vocals! [$0.99]

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Hear 2 Heal

Commercial for the concert series “Hear 2 Heal,” featuring Eliot Sloan of the platinum-selling band Blessid Union of Souls.

Watch Hear 2 Heal’s YouTube video!

H2H is an interactive educational, musical and theatrical concert event led by @Eliot_Sloan.

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We Danced to the Beat of Our Own Love

We Danced to the Beat of Our Own Drum

From Midnight On lyrics

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FMO Simply Makes Music

“I simply make music, and people have always been foolish enough to pay me for it. I never told them that I would have done it all for nothing.” – Leopold Stokowski

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